Flat No 701 Is Going To Release under the Production of Innocent Virus Films

Innocent Virus Films brings the Horror/Thriller film on its you tube channel.
Innocent Virus Films has announced that the first part of their horror/thriller series ‘Kuch Ankahi’ named ‘Flat No. 701’ is going to release soon .
Last week , Audience got the very first look of the first part of the series ‘Kuch Ankahi’ – Flat No. 701. It was amazing to see that how much the debut trailer was able to squeeze in to just 43 seconds .
The footage even managed to attract stars from film industry and they congratulated the team for their upcoming movie.
In just few days since its release , the trailer of Flat No.701 has already notched up good number of views .
The story revolves around a girl who shifts to a new flat and witness some unusual things happening to her . She becomes extremely uncomfortable and notices strange activities taking place in her new flat . The story unfolds and brings lots of surprises and peculiar ending .
This is a short film and is going to release under the production of Innocent Virus Films.
The film is directed by Pratyush Upadhyay who says that he is really conscious about filling up the background details about a character even though it might not be seen in the words in the script and there are always odd ball things that you’d never think of that you end up doing . This is not the usual horror but more of thriller and is different from other horror movies in terms of fear intensity . The film is written and conceptualised by Stuti Ladha who says ‘ when I am working on a horror film , I have much more freedom to be creative because the super natural is present . I like to concentrate on what could be interesting to give the viewer something cool to look at and try to build on the characters’ oddities . Star cast includes Urvika Choudhary and Honey Bhalla . When asked about her experience, the former said ‘I didn’t go to any new place until we finished shooting for the film as I was so much engrossed in the role that I thought strange and horrifying things like in movie might happen to me there ‘ (laughs Loudly) and latter says that she really liked working in this movie as it has various factors which are unpredictable and worth watching till the climax.
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